Seamless multi-cloud solutions

In sensitive and transaction-intensive operations, functioning logistics flows and access to financial information are critical. For our customers, few things are as important as the ability to manage and get an overview of their business systems.

Our job is to answer that demand and create maximum value from the scalability of the cloud, according to the individual needs of each customer – whether their clouds are public, private or hybrid.

As an Rg19 partner, you’ll get personalized service and a technical edge to empower your business. We’ll help you get a comprehensive grasp on your business-critical systems and processes – regardless of which clouds they are in.

Rg19 in brief

  • A privately owned, Swedish company.
  • Rg19 was started in 2013 with its roots in the company formerly known as Industri-Matematik. We acquired LAN Sourcing in 2014. Then, in 2015, we acquired Itera Networks, along with Itera’s Analysis and BI department in 2016. LOAD System was also acquired in 2016, which was later sold to Pedab in 2020.
  • The future strategy is to maintain leadership in business-critical IT with services in Public, Private and Hybrid Clouds as well as business-related applications and management solutions.
  • Located in Stockholm.
  • Strategic business partners with IBM, EMC, Microsoft, IMI/Aptean, Oracle, HP Enterprise, and Systemstöd.
  • Certified in ISO 9001, 14001 and 27001.

Highest credit worthiness - AAA


Så stöttar Rg19 din verksamhet

Rg19 management

Rikard Lenander


Maria Florestedt


Petter Elfström

VP Consulting Services

Lars Nygren


Mathias Nordahl

Head of Service Operations

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