Many clouds. One view.

Rapid digitization has made it almost impossible to get an overview of most systems. Bit by bit, the IT environment has grown into a forest of cloud services where no one can get a clear overview, or see the status of the most important applications.

This quickly creates problems for sensitive and transaction-critical operations where functioning logistics flows and access to financial information are critical.

A thorny path to the cloud

We often talk about the journey to the cloud as if it were a straight highway. But for most, the “cloud” is not a single entity. You buy some services from public clouds, often from several different suppliers, while other data is stored locally in your own data center. What’s more, some systems are located in private clouds.

So how can you get an overall picture when the system infrastructure is so scattered, and information is coming in from so many different directions?

Business insight at your fingertips

This is where we excel: we can help you get visibility and control over your most important business applications. With constant access to the most important information, you’ll always have the insights you need to make the right decisions.

Analysis and design

As experienced, platform-independent consultants, we work with you to analyze your organization’s needs and compare it to your current situation. With this analysis as a foundation, we can see what gains might be made in terms of efficiency, safety and quality. Which parts of the business fit best in which clouds? Which should be in private clouds, which in public, and how might they best interact?

Optimization and scalability

In a joint dialogue, our IT architects will develop the optimal architecture for your business-critical IT and ensure a successful migration and integration. The goal is for you to get the maximum benefit from the scalability of the cloud, while at the same time getting full control and transparency.

Different industries have different needs and requirements. We know that things like security standards or requirements for fast transactions may mean that certain data must always be stored on site. Naturally, we’ll help you manage both legacy systems and current technologies in a mix and at a pace that suits your organization.

Continuous insight and improvement

We take responsibility for the cohesive management and monitoring of your systems and applications. With one partner, you won’t have to search for information in several places.

You will always be able to see the status of your systems, utilization rate and ongoing reports via our portal. Your personal Service Delivery Manager at Rg19 is responsible for an ongoing dialogue about delivery status, and will provide advice on continuous optimization.

With Rg19 as a partner, you’ll get…

  • A comprehensive grasp of your business-critical processes
  • Constant access to technical excellence
  • Personal, transparent and platform-independent advice
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