Where are the most vulnerable links in your logistics chain?

How is your organization prepared to avoid expensive problems and, in the worst case, downtime?

More and more organizations are dependent on some form of supply chain management. Complex flows of information, products and money must work reliably around the clock to create satisfied users, ensure profitability and deliver critical societal functions. With efficient logistical flows, the right product or information ends up in the right place at the right time. The organization can focus on maintaining – and developing – its core business.

Proper direction creates efficient flows

With a deep understanding of how businesses work, we help our customers streamline their flows of goods and value. An example is MediCarrier, the Stockholm county government’s transport and logistics company. We manage the IT operations for their order, warehouse and transport systems so the healthcare system can get everything from syringes and blood tests to vital organs in the right place at the right time, every day.

We can also help you make the best strategic decisions regarding supply chain management. We can make sure that the right solutions are in place to manage processes and integrate functions between the various players and the different links in the chain. In complex business models, it is absolutely crucial to maximize business benefit and profitability.

Just reach out and we’ll tell you more.

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Petter Elfström